Sensual & Erotic Education: Description of the project



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This webseries, offered by a sexologist and psychotherapist will be educational and reflective. It will offer information and activities to explore alone or with a partner. It will also allow the viewers to obtain a more healthy and satisfying sexual and romantic life. The videos will put to the test your perceptions and beliefs about sex. Ultimately, the webseries aims to offer people more possibilities in their sex lives and to become more mature as a person and a partner. 

The following subjects will be explored in one or more videos. 

 Sexual desire, arousal and pleasure: The differences! 
Nice guy Syndrome
Sexual & romantic seduction (Flirting)
Stages of sexual desire
Manliness & sensuality
Femininity & eroticism
Narcissism & exhibitionism : Sexual assertiveness
Capacity to tolerate intimacy
Recurring fights in a relationship
Lost of sexual desire in a couple: Normal & desirable!
Being truly intimate: What does that even mean?
Sexual performance vs sexual presence
Tolerate the love & hate towards your partner
Sensual & Erotic Education for children and teens
Rapid ejaculation: A sign of a profound anxiety
Eroticism & pornography
Other subjects can and will be explored….

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