Individual Sex Therapy

Individual sex therapy with a sex therapist psychotherapist

We regularly practice individual sex therapy for people who wish to enjoy a better and more fulfilling sex life. We bring them thoughtful insights so they may perceive sexuality in a different light to obtain the answers and solutions they seek when consulting. Most people will eventually have a sexual or relationship issue. Don’t be the one who stays with it by not getting the help you want.

People avoid coming to sex therapy especially with a sex therapist psychotherapist because they are afraid of what that means about them or what others will think. They assume it will be uncomfortable to talk about such a delicate subject and prefer to maintain their relationship and sexual difficulties than to consult.

As a sex therapist psychotherapist, it is our job to make you feel comfortable and at ease during sex therapy. Our approach is very welcoming and we can assure you that the initial discomfort will subside relatively quickly. Our office is a space where you can discuss and reflect on various aspects of your sexuality to finally be comfortable about your sex and love life.

Our specialties in sex therapy

What to expect in therapy?

Cost and length of a therapy session

Sessions last for 50 minutes and cost 115$-120$ per each meeting.

Receipt for services of psychotherapy, as a sex therapist and psychotherapist are available upon request to claim the costs to insurance companies and to deduct from income taxes as a medical expense.

Do not hesitate to consult our BLOG and our Webseries: Sensual and Erotic Education to learn more about sexuality, relationships, love and much, much more!

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