Sex & Couples Therapy

Couples therapy with a sex therapist & psychotherapist

Couples therapy is one of our specialties at the clinic that we have developed since the beginning of our practices as sex therapists (sexologists) and psychotherapists. Most of us mainly use the Sexual Crucible approach from David Schnarch simultaneously with different variations of Systemic-Interactional approaches. Others will use Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) from Sue Johnson.

We work in collaboration with the couple to clearly elaborate the elements of the dynamic that are problematic and bring the partners to take responsibility in their contribution to their sexual and relationship difficulties. Partners are often reluctant to consult a sex therapist psychotherapist because of shyness or fear that couples therapy will bring about the end of the relationship.

On the contrary, the work of a sex therapist psychotherapist is to identify problematic issues in the relationship and help both partners to correct the inadequate and dysfunctional behaviours and patterns.

Issues in relationships are normal and there are solutions to solve them. They actually allow us to become better individuals and partners to each other, as well as increase sexual & relationship satisfaction. Do not lose the opportunity to have a better love life by avoiding sex and couples therapy.

Our specialties are:

Therapeutic process with a sex therapist psychotherapist

Cost and duration of a therapy session

The sessions are 50 minutes and cost 115$-120$.

Receipts for private insurances and tax returns are available.


Are you still reluctant to consult a sex therapist psychotherapist in couples therapy? Consult our BLOG to read our articles and view our videos to increase satisfaction in your sex life and relationship.

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