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Your sexual well-being is at your reach: Make it yours!

The workshops and conferences aim to heighten sexual well-being of people by exploring diverse dimensions of sexuality. Activities which help individual’s with body awareness, intimacy and erotism by having enriching discussions as well as diverse activities to stimulate your personal and your couple’s reflection. Don’t hesitate to communicate by email or telephone for more information by using the CONTACT section.


Our workshops & videos

Art of flirting & Communicating
January 23rd and 30th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm; 1264 Sherbrooke East, Montreal

Seduction is an art form that is learned over the course of our entire life span. It changes and evolves as we get older. Seduction takes many forms and can be used for a variety of effects. It can be used to find a partner, but it is also necessary to continue seducing once we are in a relationship. This 6 hour workshop for the general public will teach you how your masculinity and femininity play an important role in how and who we seduce. It will push your reflexion on your own style and help you become more comfortable in the game of seduction. Whether you are single or in a couple, this workshop will allow you to:
  • Find your style of seduction and evolve with concrete examples
  • Understand the dynamics and steps of seduction
  • Develop new ways of flirting
  • Comprehend its influence on your relationship
  • Bring yourself to feel more comfortable about sexuality

Untouched Potential of Women’s Sexuality
February 6th and 13th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm; 1264 Sherbrooke East, Montreal

Female sexuality has been shrouded in mystery for centuries and even today little is properly understood about it. This has influenced how women perceive themselves and their sex lives as well as how men see them sexually. There has been a change in recent years, where women’s sexuality is more openly discussed about, but there remains many taboos and adjustments to make concerning women’s erotic potential. This 6 hour workshop for the general public is aimed at women and men to come discuss, reflect and understand female sexuality on an intellectual, emotional, psychological and erotic way. A great 2 part conference for couples and individuals who want to:

    • Understand how female sexuality influences their sex lives
    • Perceive femininity in a different perspective
    • Learn a variety of ways to express your femininity and erotic potential
    • Be more comfortable as a proud woman

Expanding Men’s Erotism
February 20th and 27th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm; 1264 Sherbrooke East, Montreal

Men have been thought a very strict and rigid sexuality where creativity and erotism don’t take much importance. Masculinity is changing for the better, but it’s not an easy transition for most as we have been used to the same model of manhood for so long. Male sexuality is more complex and varied then most want to admit which affects how they are as an amorous and sexual partner. Men are left with unanswered questions about their sexuality and how can or should behave. This 6 hour workshop for the general public is necessary for any man or woman who wants to explore and expand his sexual and erotic repertoire. This 2 part workshop will expand on :

    • How male sexuality and relationships are evolving
    • Your feelings of being a man
    • The numerous models of masculinity
    • Blend and separate a loving and sexual relationship

Co-Evolution of Sexual Desire & Intimacy​
March 6th and 13th from 6:30 to 9:30pm; 1264 Sherbrooke East, Montreal

Sexual desire is the most omnipresent and misunderstood aspect of sexuality. There are numerous myths and misconceptions of how we create, maintain and evolve in a relationship. Intimacy and sexual desire are profoundly intertwined, which complicates our interactions with ourselves and our partner. Unfortunately, our societies understanding of intimacy makes almost inevitable that we lose sexual desire for our beloved. This workshop addresses many concerns couples have about their lack of sexual desire, intimacy and erotism even though they are still in love. This 6 hour workshop will permit anyone who attends to properly understand their dynamics with intimacy, sexual desire and their untouched potential to make their sex life more enjoyable. Come join us to:

    • Understand your relationship to yourself and sex
    • How it influences your sexual desire
    • How intimacy works and how confronting your perception of relationships can enhance your sex life
    • The evolution of sexual desire and how to over come its many obstacles
    • How to expand your capacity to mature as a person, a partner and a couple
    • Have a fulfilling, enjoyable and joyful sexuality

Sexual Pleasure Over Sexual Performance
March 20th and 27th from 6:30 to 9:30pm; 1264 Sherbrooke East, Montreal

Sex is like a sport; it can be learned by experiencing and practicing it. Unlike most sport activities though, performance and winning aren’t the objective. The main goal of having sex for most people is having pleasure. We each have our dynamic with giving and receiving during sex and it impacts our style and attitude towards ourselves and our partner. This 6 hour workshop, for couples and singles, will help you explore your relationship with pleasure as well as different ways of giving and receiving it. This 2 part workshop aims to:

    • Promote sexual pleasure rather than sexual performance in your sex life
    • Understand your relationship with pleasure
    • Learn how the body can limit or heighten your pleasure
    • Experience and comprehend how giving and receiving are one and the same


Individual: 125$

Couple: 225$

Student: 100$