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Webseries: Sensual & Erotic Education

Videos on sexuality, love & couples

This webseries, offered by a sexologist and psychotherapist will be educational and reflective. It will offer information and activities to explore alone or with a partner. It will also allow the viewers to obtain a more healthy and satisfying sexual and romantic life. The videos will put to the test your perceptions and beliefs about sex. Ultimately, the webseries aims to offer people more possibilities in their sex lives and to become more mature as a person and a partner. Purchasing procedure of a webseries!

Revive your passion and sexual desire


Are you tired of getting constantly rejected when you initiate sex? Are you anxious about the next time your partner is going to want it? Do you constantly fight about your sexual desire differences? This program was built to help you deal with this very common stage of a relationship. It actually isn’t an issue but a starting point to get your relationship and sex life in order to finally achieve the level of intimacy you both actually wanted in the first place.

Rapid ejaculation program

Rapid ejaculation is the most common sexual difficulties men face at every age. These videos will teach you how to control your sexual arousal by using the laws of the body, explore the underlying emotional and relationship aspects of rapid ejaculation. They will also help you reflect on your perception and views of sexual and increase your sexual pleasure.

1) Sexual Desire, Arousal & Pleasure

2) Pleasure & Space

3) Speed & Muscle Tension

4) Sexual Mode of Arousal Part 1

5) Sexual Mode of Arousal Part 2

6) Sexual Fluidity

7) Rapid Ejaculation: Generalized Speed

8) Rapid Ejaculation: Deep Anxieties

9) Rapid Ejaculation: Sexual presence

10) Fragile Masculinity & Conclusion