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Webseries: Sensual & Erotic Education

Videos on sexuality, love & couples

This webseries, offered by a sexologist and psychotherapist will be educational and reflective. It will offer information and activities to explore alone or with a partner. It will also allow the viewers to obtain a more healthy and satisfying sexual and romantic life. The videos will put to the test your perceptions and beliefs about sex. Ultimately, the webseries aims to offer people more possibilities in their sex lives and to become more mature as a person and a partner. Purchasing procedure of a webseries!


NEW Webserie: Jealousy

Are you tired of feeling jealousy and the consequences that it brings in your relationships? Did you ever end a relationship because of feelings of jealousy and suspiciouness? This webseries will help you and your partner understand what creates jealousy and how you can start changing the dynamic so that their is more trust and you have more self-esteem.

1) Jealousy and destruction

2) Causes of Jealousy

3) Previous engagments

4) Steps to end jealousy

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Webserie: Increase Sexual Arousal

This webseries will teach you how your body can make you enjoy sex more. Your muscle tension, speed and the space you use while having sex impacts your enjoyment of it. Changing the way you breathe and the movement of your limbs can drastically increase the intensity of an orgasm. Do you know how you get off? You could probably get off better! Watch and ENJOY

1) Sexual Desire, Arousal & Pleasure: Knowing the difference

2) Sexual Pleasure & using more space with your body

3) Sexual Pleasure: Muscle tension and adjust speed

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Webserie 01: Seduction

These 3 videos on seduction will capture the importance of body language to increases your flirting potential. They will establish the differences between affectionate and sexual seduction, which is important to distinguish depending on the need you want to be fulfilled. Furthermore, reflections on masculinity & femininity will help you understand the essence of flirting.

1) Flirting & Body Language

2) Affectionate & Sexual Seduction

3) Masculinity & Femininity: Key Ingredients to Seduction

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Webserie 02: Being sexually present

This series of 3 videos will take a look at your inner thoughts and relationship dynamics during sex. Often, our insecurities and need to please others reduces our sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Suggestions to be more present during a sexual relationship and the advantages of it will be discussed in the videos.

1) Sexual Performance & Presence

2) Pornography & Eroticism

3) Sexual Presence Anxiety

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Webserie 03: Maintaining Sexual Desire in longterm relationships

Have you ever asked yourself if it was normal to lose your sexual desire towards your partner after a certain time? Could you believe that it is even desirable for your relationships? Learn in this webseries how to get past this obstacle that can be a very delicate situation for many couples.

1) Phases of sexual desire in a couple

2) Low sexual desire: A normal and desirable outcome

3) Importance of intimacy for your sexual desire

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Webserie 04: Maintaining Sexual Desire: The Next Step in Your Relationship

In every couple, there are hidden and subtle dynamics that can affect negatively your sexual desire and your sexual fulfillment. We often pretend that they are not there because they are quite difficult to handle at times. Although, avoiding this reality will only aggravate the situation and decrease your satisfaction of your relationship.

1) A Question of Integrity

2) Hard Decisions to Make

3) A Hidden Truth: Love & Hate in Your Relationship

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Webserie 05: Maintaining Sexual Desire: Dealing with different levels of sexual desire

There will always be a partner who has more sexual desire than the other. The way you will manage that difference will have tremendous impact on each partner’s desire and the pleasure you will get out of sex. Changing our relationship patterns is a hard thing to do. Nevertheless, the effort that is necessary to change can bring us great joy and closeness with our partner.

1) Patterns between Low Desire Partner (LDP) & High Desire Partner (HDP)

2) Different types of alliances in couples

3) Do you really want to change?

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Rapid ejaculation program

Rapid ejaculation is the most common sexual difficulties men face at every age. These videos will teach you how to control your sexual arousal by using the laws of the body, explore the underlying emotional and relationship aspects of rapid ejaculation. They will also help you reflect on your perception and views of sexual and increase your sexual pleasure.

Introduction to the program (Free viewing)

1) Sexual Desire, Arousal & Pleasure

2) Pleasure & Space

3) Speed & Muscle Tension

4) Sexual Mode of Arousal Part 1

5) Sexual Mode of Arousal Part 2

6) Sexual Fluidity

7) Rapid Ejaculation: Generalized Speed

8) Rapid Ejaculation: Deep Anxieties

9) Rapid Ejaculation: Sexual presence

10) Fragile Masculinity & Conclusion

for 50$

Webseries 06: NICE GUY Syndrome!

Have you been stuck in the friend zone for too long? Or maybe you don’t get this whole bad boy vs nice guy thing. Did you ever wonder how you could be more assertive sexually and create sexual desire in your partner?

These 3 videos might be for you then:

1) How to get out of the friend zone?
2) Nice guy & his lack of honesty
3) Nice guy & Sexual difficulties

for 15$