Continuing education: Intervention/Psychotherapy Marketing Techniques: Therapeutic, Ethical and Legal Issues

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Reflections on the financial and administrative difficulties of a private practice are rarely addressed, as well as their therapeutic and ethical issues among therapists. In addition we dare not approach the marketing of our practices for fear of being perceived as manipulative, mercantile or narcissistic. Therapists who are self-employed are rarely seen as entrepreneurs, which brings occupational and financial anxiety due to a lack of knowledge of the professional reality. This mismanagement of his practice creates therapeutic and ethical deficiencies. Understanding one’s relationship with money and the influence on the therapeutic alliance is an issue that is too often relegated to ulterior motives and a taboo in the professions of psychotherapy.

This training will allow you to know the advertising tools of this generation and equip yourself in the face of the evolution of a private practice in psychotherapy.

Internet referencing has become an essential, but there are several specific strategies to know to break into the psychotherapy market.

You will be led to think about your professional image and use it to your advantage to create a practice that will set you apart among the many psychotherapists and psychologists.

You’ll also learn the knowledge to manage your private practice on your own: taxes, insurance, financial management, record-keeping software and more. Being self-reliant saves time and money. The diversification of its practice and the benefits of it will be discussed. This training will explore ethical issues and the influence on our therapeutic interventions of ignorance on advertising and financial management.

As the training is online, you have the opportunity to watch it according to your schedule and apply the apprenticeships step by step. You will then be able to better plan the development of your procedures for your clinic.



11-hour continuing education recognized by the OPQ(#RA03821-21) and eligible for the OPSQ for formal training ADPs

Training goals

1. Personal and professional reflection on starting or increasing one’s private practice (45min)

-Relationship with money and ethical issues

– Relationship with marketing and being a therapist

– Build your advertising online
– Using social media
– Competition and cooperation: ethical issues
– EAP, webcam session and other services

– Fear of losing customers and our interventions
– Money and therapeutic efficiency
– How to introduce yourself and sell your services ethically

– Passive income (online product sales)
– Diversifying its services and sources of income
– Change in therapy
– Expanding (hire therapists)

– CSST, various compulsory and optional insurance
– Managing its finances and budget
– Understanding taxes
– Record-keeping and computer software
– The importance of knowing your finances for entrepreneurial success


Trainer and experiences
François has been a sexologist since 2010 and a psychotherapist. He opened an office offering helping relationship services and finally opened his therapy practice following his master’s degree in 2012.


In less than 6 months, François managed to open a full-time private clinic as a sexologist, to offer lectures and workshops alone and in collaboration with other sexologists. It is regularly present in the media(radios, television,documentaries, publication of articles on sexuality). Since 2010, he has taught courses in ethics and ethics, sexuality and professionalism, therapist-client relationship and helping relationship 3 different schools of naturopathy and massage therapy. He also trains medical students at the University of Sherbrooke on sexuality and professional ethics. He is the designer and host of a web series entitled Sensual and erotic education. He also trained as a Revenue Canada agent on tax laws in 2016.
In 2017, he became clinical director by creating the Montreal Sexologist and Psychotherapist Clinic (CSPM). By employing other psychotherapy professionals, he helps them begin their private practice. He is also a clinical supervisor in the Sexual Crucible approach. He is known for his frankness, professional integrity and drive as a trainer.


Targeted clientele of the training:
Are you starting your practice or just want to have more clients in your office? Do you know the ethical issues about the alliance and the interventions therapeutics of advertising, administrative and financial management? Do you want to make a 6-figure salary? This training is for you. Choose content based on your business needs and goals.


Training features

  • Make concrete changes to your practice
  • Clinical cases relevant ethically and ethically
  • Essential training at the beginning of practice or to expand
  • Clarity and usefulness of knowledge
  • Understanding the difference between private office and the public
  • Dynamic and comprehensive training
  • Training bringing enriching reflections on oneself, entrepreneurship and intervention
  • Increase confidence as a therapist/intervenor

for $250