Sexo-Psychotherapeutic process

How does therapy work?

The sessions are normally scheduled once every week, which allows gaining momentum in the therapy work you’ve begun.
The length of the therapy cannot be determined by your sexual, emotional or relationship difficulty since every individual has a different degree of motivation, complexity and their dynamic is unique to themselves.
Therapy sessions can either be done individually or as a couple.
It is also possible to do therapy in the comfort of your home via webcam.

Typically, sex therapy can last up to 10 to 15 sessions on a weekly basis. This can either be shorter or longer depending on the severity of the issue and your implication in the process. Frequency can be stretched out depending on the need, availability or financial resources of the person.

Sex therapy is similar to any other type of psychotherapy with a health professional. We explore in the first session the situation and access what are the underlying issues at hand and the objectives you want to achieve. We tend to go deeper into future sessions to really grasp and understand the issues that were targeted to eventually find solutions and remedy the situation.

The first few sessions

The first session allows evaluating your reason for consultation, your objectives and expectations. With this information, the sex therapist & psychotherapist can clarify the manner in which the subsequent sessions will proceed according to your individual and/or couple needs.
This session is also essential in determining if you are comfortable with and trust your sex therapist. It is important to choose your sex therapist according to their personality, their approach and interactions between you and them during this initial encounter.
It is important to consider that therapy can be confrontational and uncomfortable at times and that it will allow you to progress in your process.

Following sessions

Your sex therapist will gather more detailed information concerning your sexual and/or relationship difficulty that brought you to consult in the first place. The goal is to determine and understand your dynamic and the reasons you are facing these difficulties. Following these hypotheses, you will be able to establish with the sex therapist your objectives and ways of overcoming your difficulties.


Once the comprehension of the sexual problems is finished, the following sessions help you to achieve your goals by overcoming your limits. This step tends to be particularly difficult for some people and the results are determined by your motivation and resilience at tolerating the anxiety that is inevitable when it comes to change.

The last step


This step consists of doing a summary of the results of sex therapy. Before ending the therapy, the sex therapist & psychotherapist ensures that you have integrated all the therapeutic gains that have been worked on so that you can independently deal with future issues autonomously. It is always possible to slowly space out the sessions at the end to facilitate the process.