Information Acquisition and Privacy Policy

Information Acquisition and Privacy Policy

On September 22, 2022, Law 25 concerning the protection of personal information will gradually come into effect over a period of 3 years. This law notably affects the practice standards of healthcare professionals, including sexologists. As sexologist psychotherapists and self-employed individuals, each of our sexologists and sexologist psychotherapists will now have the following responsibilities within the clinic regarding their clients:

• Adhere to the Personal Information Protection Act • Respond to requests regarding personal information (e.g., access, correction, disclosure, etc.) • Implement governance rules for personal information • Maintain records of communication of personal information • Notify the Access to Information Commission of any confidentiality incidents involving personal information • Maintain a record of confidentiality incidents involving personal information

For any additional information, please contact your sexologist or sexologist psychotherapist directly.

Francois Renaud, Clinical Director, Sexologist Psychotherapist Responsible for the Protection of Personal Information for the Clinic 438-934-1287

As sexologist psychotherapists and self-employed individuals, we are committed to ensuring a professional, safe, and trustworthy working environment. To provide you with optimized care and excellent service, we collect certain personal information (full name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, occupation) and health-related information (medical and/or psychological elements, medications) that we (a) collect from you, (b) receive from your other healthcare providers with your consent.

Your personal information will never be collected, disclosed, or used without your knowledge or consent. Only individuals with a need to know information for clinical reasons, and upon your written and signed request, may have access to it. Similarly, we adhere to the principle of disclosing only the essential information required for patient needs.

We are ourselves designated as responsible for data and the protection of personal information. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Francois Renaud at

We appreciate your feedback.

How Do We Use Your Information?

We believe it is important for you to know how we use your information. To this end, we collect, use, and disclose information about you only for the following purposes:

• Providing patients with safe and effective care • Ensuring high-quality service • Assessing your mental and sexual health needs • Establishing and maintaining communication with you, including planning and reminding you of appointments • Allowing us to contact you • Sending help in case of emergencies (e.g., suicidal crisis) • Communicating with other healthcare professionals involved in your care • Allowing for effective treatment, care, and billing follow-up • Complying with legal and regulatory requirements, including communicating with the Privacy Commissioner or any legislative review board as required by law • Complying with a court order in case of legal proceedings • Billing for goods and services • Recovering unpaid accounts • Complying with regulatory requirements and the law in general

The above list is rather long because we wanted it to be as comprehensive as possible. However, it is highly likely that a number of these items will never apply to you. Before using or disclosing personal information for a purpose other than those identified above, we will inform you of this new purpose and proceed only with your consent.

Electronic Communication

We may communicate with you electronically, such as via emails if you choose. We will obtain your signed consent before sending you therapy-related supplements. All messages from our offices must comply with personal information protection and anti-spam laws. If you no longer wish to receive Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs), you can notify us in writing, and we will stop sending them. The information provided in our contact form is maintained on our WordPress portal with the Contact Form 7 and Flamingo applications and in our email inbox: Only Francois Renaud has access to this email inbox. Our website manager, Blackcat, has access to Flamingo, but they do not access these emails. These emails are also transferred to the assigned sexologist (psychotherapist) once an appointment is confirmed by phone or email. These emails are regularly deleted and moved to the trash folder, and they are automatically deleted after a period.

Questions or concerns about CEMs from our clinic can be addressed by phone at 438-934-1287. Please note that in the event of email transmission errors, we are obligated to report them to the Access to Information Commission, and a record of confidentiality incidents must be maintained.

How Are Your Information Stored?

Your information may be stored in physical form (records, files, etc.). They are then stored in a secure file cabinet or locked safe. Digital information may be stored on encrypted file servers in secure/controlled-access locations such as BaseDpsy. Digital information is protected by two passwords. Our systems are protected by hardware and software security measures that comply with industry standards. As information managers, we use the highest standards and best technologies as well as a strong cybersecurity program to protect patient privacy and comply with all local and federal laws. We add that we are and have always been subject to the code of ethics of the professional order of sexologists of Quebec.


Subscription to the Newsletter or Access to the Webinar or Purchase of an Online Product

Payments are made either through PayPal (privacy policy) or Stripe (privacy policy) for the purchase of our webinars or online programs. Online products such as desire training or the revive sexual desire program are supported by the KAJABI platform (Security and Confidential Information Policy) (Information Protection). These platforms may maintain the following information about you after a purchase:

• Credit card number (if selected) • First name, last name • Address • Birthdate

These platforms may also place cookies on your computer, and they have their own privacy policies to maintain in these circumstances. No information collected on our side is shared with anyone under any circumstances.

Information Collected Through Google Analytics

When you are on our website, several pieces of information are collected through cookies that Google Analytics places on the platform for access. The following information may be recorded in our Google Analytics account:

• Gender (male, female) • Type of computer used • Type of browser used • Geolocation • Type of device (computer, laptop, cell phone, tablet) • The sequence of pages you visited on our site • The frequency and duration of your visit to the site and each page • Words used on Google search to find our website • The source of your visit to our site: Organic, pay per click, Facebook, etc.

For more information, you can read this article.

Who Can Access Your Information:

• You or your legal representative • Professionals and employees of the clinic whose duties require them to use patient records may access them for the strict performance of their duties. • Anyone authorized by law to access this information • Any entity involved in research, studies, statistics production, or necessary for a commercial transaction, provided that the information is transmitted in a depersonalized and anonymized manner, • Anyone to whom you have specifically authorized access to the information in your record, in writing.

Consent – Collection, Use, and Disclosure:

• The clinic team obtains your consent before collecting, using, or disclosing your personal information to third parties, except as provided by law. • Under no circumstances will the Clinic or our team members use or disclose personal information without your consent, unless authorized or required to do so by applicable law.


Access and Correction of Your Personal Information:

It is important that the personal information we hold about you is up to date. Please inform us of any changes to this information. Additionally, you can submit a request for:

• Access to your personal information; • Correction of your personal information; • Withdrawal of your consent to the use or disclosure of your personal information; • Portability; • Cessation of the disclosure of your personal information, delisting.

To make a complaint, request, request for information, or delisting request, simply contact your assigned sexologist with your file and Francois Renaud at or 438-934-1287.



Effective date: 1st of December 2023