Kissing is a big deal

Kissing as a therapeutic tool Kissing is one of the most intimate acts in a romantic relationship, but it is often taken for granted and given little thought. However, according to psychologist and couples therapist David Schnarch, kissing is actually an important indicator of the health of a relationship and can even be a tool for strengthening emotional and

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Sexual Discordance…Does That Happen to You?

My body betrays my head, or my head betrays my body. Maybe you’ve had a sexual experience where your sexual desires and pleasure weren’t in line with your body’s physiological reactions? If so, don’t worry, you’re not broken. This phenomenon that affects many individuals is called sexual discordance. It’s like grocery shopping for a recipe. In this case, the recipe

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My Partner Wants an Open Relationship. HELP?!

Even if polyamorous/open relationships are now increasingly recognized and accepted, monogamy is mostly never questioned and generally always goes without saying, even in casual relationships. It is also very rare, even unthinkable, to hear discussions about monogamy between two people. But it’s still funny to imagine : “Honey, I have to tell you something… I am monogamous! Is it ok

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Writing your own porno! Are you up to the challenge?

Nowadays, pornography is almost everywhere. Despite the different polarized views that can be conveyed, porn leaves no one indifferent. Now socially acceptable, it can allow the discovery of fantasies and practices, encourage masturbation, and can be used to spice up sex routines. However, porn has also negative consequences. First, it is impossible to know for sure the legitimacy of what

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Stop Giving a Fuck About HOW You Look While “Fucking!”

Start Giving a Fuck About WHY you’re “Fucking!” This article is based on a recent book I read: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck! As a sexologist psychotherapist, I really saw how this philosophy and mentality can really be applied to people’s sex lives. Most people care WAYYYYYY too much about HOW they are having sex and

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Who has the power in your relationship?

In a couple, there are multiple forms of power. Who truly takes decisions? Who does what around the house? Who is allowed to go where? There are also more subtle forms of power between two persons, for example, who is right? Who chooses how and when a conflict comes to a term? Who has to make sacrifices, yet again? Power

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When I wanted to stop sex in the middle of it!

Yeah…not sure I want to do that! It sounds embarassing, uncomfortable, like something to never be talked about again. Why does it sound so hard to put sex on pause? It’s already so easy to do so with our movies, television series, and especially with way too intense true crime documentaries, right? Like in every situation, there is not only

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The Relational Ditch

The Relational « Ditch » I love him, I love him not … The relational “DITCH” is a term to define the moment when almost all couples reach the breaking point where sexual and/or marital difficulties take too much place and breakup becomes possible. This phase is normal and desirable, as it pushes individuals to become better people and above

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