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Spirituality, sexuality & death

Photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash How Sexuality and Spirituality Merge Spirituality and sexuality are two essential aspects of the human experience, and their connection is often overlooked or misunderstood. However, sexuality can be a powerful vehicle for spiritual fulfillment if we allow ourselves the possibility. Will you dare to open up? Sexuality as a Path of Transcendence Sexuality can

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The New Criteria of Masculinity Today: Redefining Masculinity in the Modern Era

Photo by jurien huggins on Unsplash A step in the right direction Over the past few decades, society has experienced significant changes in its perception of masculinity. The old, rigid stereotypes that dictated how a man should behave and conform to traditional standards of masculinity are being challenged. The new criteria of masculinity today are emerging, reflecting a broader and

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Consent…it is kind of an obvious thing

Sexual Consent in Long-Term Relationships: Nurturing Trust and Respect Consent is a fundamental aspect of healthy sexual relationships, and it remains just as important in long-term partnerships as it is in new encounters. However, in long-term relationships, it’s easy to fall into patterns and assumptions that may undermine the clear and enthusiastic consent needed for a mutually satisfying sexual connection.

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Kissing is a big deal

Kissing as a therapeutic tool Kissing is one of the most intimate acts in a romantic relationship, but it is often taken for granted and given little thought. However, according to psychologist and couples therapist David Schnarch, kissing is actually an important indicator of the health of a relationship and can even be a tool for strengthening emotional and

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