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Increase Your Sexual  Pleasure

1) Sexual Desire, Arousal & Pleasure: The Differences!

Publication Date: 8th of August 2014

How do you feel sexual desire?
What stimulates it?
Are you truly satisfied with your sex life?
Are you comfortable in your body during sex?
Can you differentiate between sexual arousal and pleasure?

2) Sexual Pleasure & Space of Your Body

Publication Date: 22nd of August 2014
How much space do you use during sex?
Which parts of your body do you move?
How is your breathing (swallow or deep)?
Where do you feel your orgasm (mainly genital area or entire body)?

3) Muscular Tension & Speed Relative to Your Sexual Pleasure

Publication Date: 5th of September 2014

Do you have relaxed or contracted muscles when becoming sexually aroused?
How fast do you go when you stimulate yourself andor your partner?
Can you tolerate being slowly sensual?

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